Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just Anothr Clown

And there comes the master, 
The master of emotional disguise; 
With every sunset of sorrow, 
To a new sun he shall give rise. 

But for how long is his patience, 
ever tested and ever tried. 
Has he ever broken down? 
Soaked in tears, has he ever cried? 

The question remains unanswered, 
As to himself he has made a wow 
That he shall not break, 
With a smile he shall bow. 

And he promises to walk away, 
In a way no one shall know. 
when people think it is another joke, 
Into eternal sleep he shall go. 

Everyone says he is a clown. 
And forever a clown he shall be. 
Leaving memories bitter and sweet, 
He closed his act and no one could see.

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