Sunday, July 1, 2012


Fog so dense surrounds me, 
A ray of light seems to have been lost... 

Destiny is deemed to fall upon, 
a failure is predicted in the neer future 

Sombre feelings are lost... 
so many times i feel so... 

A storm of reality just hit me, 
a wave of maturity just cast me down... 

Silence in deafening, darkness is blinding.. , 
and yet the noise is clear and the light is bright 

a flow of words ceases to exist, 
But the lines are just written along... 

Urging me to cal down is piontless 
a hurricane of contradiction confuses me 

And surporisingly i dont want to fight. 
The lion takes a final bow. 

A threat to individividuality. 
A step towards halucination... 

Life has lost all colours, 
and yet the change is so striking. 

a bleatign goat knocks on my door. 
laughs at my paultry state. 

The nakedness of piercing pain. 
astounding the divinity of warmth.. 

The chill of the fog wont subside 
a chirping insect told me so 

the sum may rise, the chill may go, 
but the fog will subside for long... 

Empathy not close enough... 
sympathy not desired 

An arm in reach, thats what i see 
but i struggle to fight without support... 

Taunts of neer ones, laughs of the distant 
Both fail to reach my heart... 

a block of ice just replaced my heart, 
another transformation not expected... 

dissapointed are those who claim, 
claim to love my ol self... 

a sense of self-pitty they try to inculcate, 
but i become heartless and cold... 

soon the ice will also be gone... 
will be replaced by a stone... 

a feeling that cannot be felt... 
a truth that cannot be expressed... 

urgency does not allow me to revert.. 
drastic measures are alrady taken 

the streched arms are gone 
the blinding light has disappeared 

fog, just fog, stays behind 
the mist suffocates me and i collapse 

Alas all are gone, 
As i bask in the sunlight of my new self 

Hunting for another stone.... 
A block of ice in the fog..... 

Just Anothr Clown

And there comes the master, 
The master of emotional disguise; 
With every sunset of sorrow, 
To a new sun he shall give rise. 

But for how long is his patience, 
ever tested and ever tried. 
Has he ever broken down? 
Soaked in tears, has he ever cried? 

The question remains unanswered, 
As to himself he has made a wow 
That he shall not break, 
With a smile he shall bow. 

And he promises to walk away, 
In a way no one shall know. 
when people think it is another joke, 
Into eternal sleep he shall go. 

Everyone says he is a clown. 
And forever a clown he shall be. 
Leaving memories bitter and sweet, 
He closed his act and no one could see.